Quality and Safety

1 - NCC Power Projects Division (PPD) - QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: acrobat_icon1

Reference of Quality Management System

NCC Power Projects Division has developed and implemented the Quality Management System in accordance with ISO standard 9001: 2008. These procedures describe the degree of detail required for quality control of NCC-PPD activities.


NCC-PPD was originally certified the requirements of ISO 9001: 1994 on 13th May, 2000. Subsequently, on the transition to ISO 9001: 2008 - Quality Standards, the division was re-certified on 8th February, 2003 and given 9001-2008 certification on 18th Mar, 2009, valid for a period of three years. It has been extended for a period of another three years on 18th May 2012.

The company's performance is periodically assessed through internal as well as external auditors.

NCC-PPD has a track record of successful implementation of the quality management system as confirmed through these audits.

2 - NCC Construction Division (CD)

Management Systems Accreditations

National Contracting Company Limited – Construction Division is accredited for the following Management Systems:

  1. Quality Management System – ISO 9001 :2015

  2. Environmental Management System- ISO 14001:2015

  3. OH&S Management System - ISO 45001 : 2018

  4. ASME accreditation for the following services:

    1. Assembly of Boilers – ASME-A Stamp
    2. Pressure piping – ASME-PP Stamp
    3. Repairs and/or alterations - (“R” Stamp)

Quality Policy : ncccd_quality

HSE Policy : ncccd_hse

NCC-CD has executed many Electro-Mechanical construction projects with leading clients & EPC contractors and have received awards and recognitions certificates from them like :

  • Saudi Electricity Company
  • SABIC Affiliates
  • SKEC

3 - NCC Transmission & Distribution Division (NCC-T&D) Quality Policy

  • To achieve and sustain a leading position with consistent quality in the engineering, procurement, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of high voltage substations, overhead transmission lines & underground cabling works of up to 400KV and medium voltage distribution lines and systems.
  • To uphold relevant national or international standards.
  • To meet the contractual requirements to enhance customer satisfaction.
  • To establish, document, implement, maintain and continually improve our Quality Management System through communication and understanding of all employees in the organization.

NCC Transmission & Distribution Division Safety Policy

Safety plays an important role in construction work. It is our objective to efficiently achieve our targets without compromising on safety aspects of personnel, equipment, plants or the environment. An effective safety program will improve the overall performance of the project and help eliminate and minimize accidents.

Safety is an integral part of our daily activity and requires strict adherence to the following principles:

  • Every employee shall familiarize himself with the safety rules/
  • The primary responsibility of each employee is to reduce the possibility of an accident.
  • Safety takes precedence over expediency and shortcuts.
  • The basic safety rules and preventive measures contained in this program are mandatory and will be enforced by supervision & management.
  • Safety is accepted as an individual responsibility and each person shall think, plan and perform his work with the utmost consideration for safety.
  • Individual commitment and support of these principles by each employee is critically essential to the success of the safety program.